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Rope courses are an exceptional way for people to manufacture trust, build confidence, overcome fears or challenges, strengthen bonds, and have a fun exciting experience. With proper guidance from our expert facilitators, your group will learn, grow, and bond in ways that are not possible in an everyday life. Participants will get to know each other through a variety of games and initiatives. They will learn to work together to achieve common goals under challenging circumstances. Our Outdoor Adventure Center is an ideal setting to explore challenges designed to enhance commitment, collaboration, and overall success of your group.

Ourdoor Adventure Center Brochure (PDF)

Our staff will guide your team through a customized experience based on the needs of your group and each individual. A sense of camaraderie develops when team members focus on the shared goals. In our approach to creating memorable experiences, each participant is encouraged to respect the comfort levels of everyone. This is a philosophy known as Challenge By Choice. Challenge By Choice enables each participant to determine his/her own level of physical involvement during the program so the entire team can reach the common goal.

Your team will be facilitated through rope course elements geared towards various learning objectives and will focus on:

  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership
  • Support
  • Commitment
  • Mutual Trust
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Celebration
  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Fun
  • Time Management
Our program is broken down into three areas: icebreakers, low ropes and team initiatives, and the high ropes course.
Icebreakers will emphasize trust as the foundation for productive collaboration. Challenging participants will build relationships and develop team commitments through identifying, respecting, and stretching everyone’s “comfort zones.”
The low ropes and team initiatives provide the team with a situation or problem that will encourage all to engage in various forms of communication and shared responsibilities. The group is then led through a debriefing session after each element. This is used to address the setbacks, areas of improvement, and achievements.
The high ropes course elements are approximately 45 feet high and are designed to incorporate spirited interaction with a high impact experience. We have a variety of climbing elements including a four-sided climbing tower and a 275-foot zip line.
The Outdoor Adventure Center can service a variety of groups. Team building and ropes courses are appropriate for all ages and abilities. The atmosphere can be a relaxing retreat or part of an intense training.

School groups benefit by building self-confidence and esteem. Ropes courses help bring a class together by providing a shared experience. Students will build bonds, friendships, and leadership skills.

Families and individuals build lifelong memories as they explore and overcome their fears and discover unknown sources of courage. Families find new avenues for sharing and communication. These activities foster support, openness, and encourage strong family values.

At-risk youth build confidence and self-esteem as they learn valuable communication and teamwork skills. These skills are essential for improving decision-making and goal setting. By pushing their limits, participants grow beyond their perceived limitations.

Professionals, businesses, and corporations can use these valuable programs to increase productivity and inter-departmental communication. Our ropes course can also be used as a fun day out of the office. The relaxed setting can help employees get to know each other and work better with one another.

Our challenge high ropes course, climbing tower, and the low ropes initiatives were designed and constructed by High Five Adventure. High Five is an active professional vendor member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). ACCT is an international professional trade organization of designers, installers, and trainers for challenge courses, which creates standards for the design, installation, safety, inspection, and training for challenge courses.

For information on rates and available booking times, please contact:

Emerson Badessa, Sports and Leadership Director
401-847-9200 x113